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  Tantra is an Art and Science of Merging with our personal "Higher Source." Our sexual energy fuels this process. This merging brings about feelings of being blissed out, energetic, incredibly orgasmic, youthful, loving, healed, powerful, ecstatic and deeply loved. 
Tantra's ultimate goal is to arrive at a state of Enlightenment.  Enlightenment is described by the sages, as a state of perpetual ecstasy and bliss, a merging with our creative Source, where we are at one, at peace, with all that is.  Ultimately: Heaven on Earth.  Through Tantra we activate of our Energy Body through deep breathing techniques, meditations, sounding/chanting, focusing on ancient symbols, stretching, massage,   It can also include ritualistic lovemaking techniques that can turn us into Master Lovers. 
As Master Lovers we meet our Beloved on the levels of mind, body, heart and Spirit.  We learn to Open our Hearts to a deep, deep Love and develope an intense emotional connection to the Spiritual Essence of Life.   Sexual energy, as raw powerful life force energy fuels this process.  So we learn how to tintillate, tantallize and arouse our lovers whole body to incredibly high states of ecstacy.  Talking about turned on, you ain't seen nothing yet.  As Master Lovers we can, so to speak, turn our lovers body "inside out" so that we lose all concept of time and place.  It's here where we experience a profound Union with our Lover and with the Universe.


Imagine bubbling with effervescence, floating high in the clouds, feeling sun beams glistening, the wind caressing your beauty, a heightened sense of sensitivity, a fragrance of tropical flowers, the spray of waterfalls tingling, you -

laughing, giggling, song springing spontaneously from your lips as an expression of Ecstasy from a new dimension.  Imagine biting into a Bing cherry in the height of the season, or some other succulent morsel, and spontaneously orgasming as the sweetness touches your tongue and runs luxuriously and potently down your throat.  Imagining this, is imagining a taste of Tantra.


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