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Tantra Lessons

My sessions are very fun, sensual, interactive, and hands-on/experiential.

In designing your private lessons, I always recommend that we start with some basic foundational techniques. Everything else in tantra is built on these techniques. Depending on where a person's interests lie, determines what we do during the rest of the session. There are many choices in the areas of tantric education and tantric healing.

I teach prolonging "staying power" for men, full-body and multiple orgasms for men and women, tantalizing tantric touch, techniques to bring love making into the here and now, energy principles that will light your lover on fire, eye-gazing, sacred (g) spot massage for men and women, tantric healing and more.

A very loving and sensuous Tantra Massage is always included.  I focus on energy pathways that carry sexual energy throughout your body and all the way into your brain.  This type of Tantra Massage opens your bodies natural ablity to have Full Body Orgasms.

I highly encourage at least a 2hr session. especially on our first meeting.  I also offer intensives and package deals.
1 HOUR     $180
1.5 HOUR  $250
2 HOUR     $340
Longer sessions are scheduled upon request.
Consultations by phone are available.  $100 - 1/2H
                                                                       $150 - 1H
Here is a schedule for a 3 day intensive with variations to suit women, men and couples. I am flexible and welcome requests that you may have. In my healing work and teaching I remain open to guidance from Spirit and guidance from you, so I offer you this schedule as a general guideline, not something that is set in stone.

Day I

10 - 1
Opening Ritual

Temple Dance

Hello Energy Body
Learning to feel your energy body.

Basic Tantric Technique
Learning to move energy within oneself,
and between oneself and the earth.

Secrets of Tantric Touch 
I demonstrate the Secrets of Tantric Touch on you,
and then you practice on me.
Lighting Your Lover on Fire (part 1)
Learning to transmit energy with your hands so that
you can light your lover's body on fire.


Tantra Yoga
Stretching excercises similar to those found in Hatha Yoga,
for the purpose of opening energy pathways (essential for
attaining Full Body Orgasms,) and increasing flexibility so that
all of those fun positions found in the Kama Sutra eventually
come easily.

Fire Breath
A breath used for cleansing and building one's inner fire in
the power chakra (energy center - located in the area of the
solar plexus.)

Bija Mantra
A sounding meditation to awaken and activate and heal your
major energy centers (chakras.)   In Tantra we use many techniques
solo and with a partner, to clear and cleanse our chakras. This is by far
the most effective technique that I have seen that one can practice
on one's own for this purpose.  Clear, activated chakras are essential in
opening one's body to Full Body Orgasms.

Bath & Bodywork Ritual
Soak your cares and worries away.  Cleanse in a ritualistic sacred fashion,
releasing anything that may be blocking you from reaching your highest
potential.  Your muscles will relax to accept at the deepest level Tantric Touch
and Tantra Healing Massage, a combination of therapeutic and erotic
sensations, for the purpose of increasing the flow of ecstatic sexual energy
throughout the entire body.  Opening energy pathways through this type
of Tantra massage can lead to Full Body Orgasms.

5 p - 7 p

7p-9 p
Chakra Meditation
A special meditation used to activate the chakras,

Sounding on the body of your Beloved
The Bija Mantra to heal with Sound directly on your body and you
practice on me.

Ejaculation Mastery
A very fun technique to learn, like playing a game of "taking it to the edge,"
it's very intimate, erotic and sexy.  I closely assist you.

Day II

10 - 1
Tantra Yoga
(Explanation above.)

Yoni Mudra
This is a technique to bring Tantra Love Making into the Here and Now - a Tantra
Meditation that trains the mind to stay fully present, instead of wandering,

Healing Ritual

1 -2

2 - 5
Bija Mantra
(Explanation above.)

Orgasmic Breath - (makes your brain orgasm)

Bath Ritual
Soak your cares and worries away.  Cleanse in a ritualistic sacred fashion,
releasing anything that may be blocking you from reaching your highest

Male Sacred Spot Massage

Ejaculatory Mastery
A very fun technique to learn, like playing a game of "taking it to the edge,"
it's very intimate, erotic and sexy.  I closely assist you. If practiced on a
regular basis, it will dramatically increase a man's "staying power."

Full-body Os Technique

5 - 7

7- 9
goddess/god Worship
Learn how to worship a goddess/god.

Female Sacred Spot
Sacred spot massage promotes feminine orgasmic response, healing, and awakening of the female
sexual center and meridians (energy pathways.). Sacred spot also known as G-spot massage for
women is very effective in clearing abuse issues and opening to higher levels of ecstatic pleasure.
Men can learn to take on the essence of a Tantric Priest and Tantric Healer and help his Beloved
to free her sexual energy and Amrita (nectar of the Goddess - female ejaculate.)

I perform this Healing Ceremony with women and if their Lover is present, also teach them at the same
time.  With single men, I teach this ritual through demonstration or please bring a friend to be your tantra
practice buddy.


10 - 1
Tantra Yoga
(Explantion above)

Secrets of Tantra Oral
Secrets of Tantra Intercourse
explain Tantric secrets to assist you in becoming a better lover
in the areas of oral love making and intercourse. (I do not participate
in oral sex or intercourse.)

Lighting your Lover on Fire (part 2)
Practice sending energy through lips, tongue, eyes and chakras,
another way to light your lover's body on fire.

Transform your Lingam into a Wand of Light (men)
Transform your Yoni into a Sacred Fountain of Light (women)
Getting in touch with the vessel of energy that are your sexual
organs and gaining the know how to light up your lover to the core.

Eye Gazing
Eyes are the windows to the soul.  Practice touching and seeing
the "Beloved," the Spirit in and through the eyes.
Circular Breathing while sitting Astride (Yab Yam position)
Learn to breath and circulate the Spiritual essence contained in our breath. 
As the energy of Spirit is shared from one to another, it seems to grow,
magnify, and surge through our body and  soul.  A deep connection happens.

1 -2

2 - 5

Tantra Foot Rubs
We have reflex points in our feet, connected with every part, every organ of our
body.   By stimulating these points, we can learn to wake up a lover's body on
a whole new level, bringing increased circulation and increased energy flow to every
part of the body.  In Tantra we also recognize that the hands and feet are primary
portals through which sexual energy flow in and out.  Many also find that playing
with the feet and/or receiving attention to the feet can be a highly erotic experience.

A nurturing position ideal for comforting and energizing a partner. 

The Tantra Kiss
Learn the secrets of the Tantra way of kissing to open sexual energy pathways
while kissing to arouse and awaken sexual energy.

Playing with Positions
Simulating some of the positions found in the Kama Sutra.

Healing Ritual

Male Sacred Spot Massage

Multiple Full Body O's

5 - 7

7 - 9
Wrapping it up.
Ending Ritual