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"I am looking for words to describe the experience I had with you and I just can't find them. I am not normally at a loss for words. What you provide is so much above and beyond any past experiences it only drives me to learn and experience more. Is this stuff addicting?" ........(2 days later:) "Some words are coming to mind............. "Magical, Mystical, Mythical for starters." Dan T Highlands Ranch, Co.

"Taia, dear friend, Please, people must know my story!!! When I came to you for a Tantra massage I didn't have a clue that my whole world was about to be totally transformed. At 43 y/o I could not maintain an erection and when I did get one it was only half there. I also had a problem with premature ejaculations. Living in this state seemed to be an inevitable process of getting older. My sex life was nonexistent (aside from manual.) My self-confidence had plummeted. Often I was angry, irritable, impatient, and depressed. The 'middle-age-bulge' around the belly added to my load. I am excited to report Taia, that I was with a new lover for the first time since I began studying with you four months ago. She and I made love for 7 hrs. I chose to only ejaculate once, as the grand finale! I had so many full-body orgasms during that time that I couldn't even begin to count. My erection was in full-force, except a few times when we stopped to take a break and then resuming, it only seemed to get harder than before. The connection between us was profound. I can never thank you enough!!!!! Eldon Boulder,Co

"That's not all! Tantra is effecting every area of my life in a dramatic way. Many people say I look so much younger and ask if I've lost weight. My intuition is stronger. I act on it and my days go smoother. I experience waves of bliss and joy throughout the day. What comes through my senses is more vivid, more luscious, more heightened. Being happy and self-confident, I am able to be a better father to my children. I have so much more patience and I am able to be very present with them, very much in my heart. On the job front -- I got a better one. I could go on & on! Thank you Goddess Taia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Eldon Boulder, CO.

Dear Taia..... "the most earth-shaking experience of my life!!! and afterward as you held me I felt so peaceful, the distracting thoughts that usually clutter my mind where not there. I felt amazingly happy, vital, powerful and as if I were floating on a cloud in a suspended state of orgasm. How long did we lie there?" Donald Chicago, IL

"Goddess Taia, My wife loves you!!! I've been practicing the technique that you taught me for increasing my staying power and I can go and go and go. She calls me her Energizer Bunny and she says she has never felt so deeply satisfied!!!" :) David
(a small town) MA

"Taia, if it were any better I would have died! But I would have died with a smile on my face. Not only was it incredible, but it was followed by the most profound sense of peace and tranquility. I have never wept during any experience of this nature, This is a first for me! You allowed me to be in a space within myself where I felt immersed in unconditional love and acceptance." Jim Louisville, Co.

"During the Goddess Sacred Spot Therapy with you Taia, I noticed my wife
become visibly younger and her face took on the shine of an angel, bright, alive, powerful and beautiful. We want to let you know that each time we do Sacred Spot, she transforms and becomes younger. Now she looks at least 10 yrs younger all the time and is bouncing around like a teenager with raging hormones. A middle-aged man's dream come true, yes her sex drive has returned! (She's also lost inches in her belly.) Taia, is it true what I read about the female ejaculate, that it is a fountain of youth for the man who drinks it? Guess what? Last night she started squirting, then gushing! It was like drinking from a fountain! Thank you, Taia. You can't imagine how happy and in love we are!!!!! We'll be back to learn Male Sacred Spot on our next vacation." Madge and Richard St Louis, MO.

"Everything stopped and energy encircled us. Our bodies and minds touched.
Our connection grew....deeper, wider. You brought “you” into me . I received
waves of contentment and excitement. Your body flowed with sensations over and over. Past our body/mind maybe into Spirit? Do you know this place where
we went today? Taia, you actually have some type of strength beyond anyone I’ve met before inside and out and yet you are so soft and supple. Your hair and your skin glow. Even the colors that adorn you emit a radiance that is amazing! The energy is still in my fingers tingling....... I touched my forehead and my fingers sent shivers through my body in waves.. You are mentally opening doors for me, Taia. It is simply sacred and anointed." Brad Boulder, Co

"I still can't believe what I experienced yesterday!!! After our session Taia, I think I floated home, I was higher than a kite (vibrationally speaking.) Unbelievable, delicious, intoxicating are just some words that come to mind. Thank you! Your intuition, the guidance that you receive and use to heal is right on the money. Even today I can feel the tantric energy with every breath I take. A calm, comfortable, peaceful feeling accompanies this exhilarating flow of ecstatic energy." Eldon Boulder, Co

"I just got back to the office and I am still shaking. What a incredible experience. My body feels amazing. I look forward to our next meeting, Taia." Vic Arvada, Co

After one session ",,,,,,,,I am much better at controlling my pre-mature ejaculation thanks to you, Taia!." John Ft Collins, Co

"Dearest Taia, I felt this afternoon a number of releases and wicking away of silly past emotions coming through in waves and leaving. It was not
overwhelming just they are gone. Most interesting. Sensations in those areas we worked on were vivid and warming in retrospect and recurred later in the
day." Brad Boulder, Co

"Beautiful Taia, Thanks to you, I had the best, longest, most powerful orgasm I have ever had in my life. My whole body was shaking, I'm still tingling all over. This (Tantra) is even way better than sex." Bill Boulder, Co


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