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    Waves - Contact our tantra instructor in Boulder, Colorado, for classes that emphasize meditation, relaxation, and lovemaking.

Welcome to Tantric Wave!

It is my delight to serve as your guide into the Mysteries of
Sexual Energy to deeper Love and your Best Orgasms Ever. 
I welcome as students Ladies, Couples and Gentlemen.

Learning Tantra:
  • Is fun and exciting!
  • Creates deeper love and intimacy for couples.
  • Activates healthy self-love.
  • Singles: Increases our energy Vibration to attract higher Love.
  • Leads to Full-Body Multiple Orgasms for women and men.
  • Releases the Divine Nectar of the Female Ejaculation. 
  • Maximizes "Staying Power" for men.
  • Brings sexual pleasure into lasting Cosmic Consciousness.
  • Better than Viagra for men and women (no side effects.)
  • Heals traumatic emotional wounds.
  • Makes us feel younger, more alive, energetic and happier.
  • Makes us a MASTER LOVER.
In our lives there are two ways in which we gain knowledge;
1. Intellectual Understanding
2. Direct Experience

For example, you can read books, attend lectures and classes on
swimming, but until you get in the water, you don't know what swimming is. 
I am a guide of Tantra, already flowing with and in Ecstatic Tantra energy.  In private sessions, I will assist you to open the door to your own Ocean of Tantra Bliss.  To be Love and Radiate Love is my Intention, as I strive for excellence in serving you.

Illumination, Empowerment, Ecstasy and Transformational breakthroughs are results people express after sessions with me.  Our life is a result of the choices me make and the directions we take.  Act now to open to this exciting new direction -contact Taia Aaliyah Tyai.
Let's get connected for Sacred exploration into the deepest realms of sensual play and display of our divine nature.

I am also available for lectures and seminars on Tantra.  Future seminars will be posted on this site. If you would like to sponsor a seminar in your area please let me know. 

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."
                                         Nelson Mandela




Taia Aaliyah  for private Tantra lessons and Tantra healing sessions.

She is based in Colorado, 20 min NW of downtown Denver.

Email:  1TantraGoddess@live.com


Hours :
Monday–Friday, 10:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m.
Occasional Saturdays or Sundays